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The "Golden Girls" Drinking Game Is Something You Need To Play Right Now

Picture it: a new twist on the classic sitcom.

Grab a couple friends, your favorite drinks, and join us as we play the Golden Girls drinking game. Here's how:

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You'll need: up to three of your friends, your favorite alcoholic drinks, and an episode of Golden Girls (duh).

First, everyone chooses a character. Then, choose a mode of play. There are two modes: “Zing” or “Get Zinged.”

When playing “Zing," you drink every time your character zings someone.

When playing “Get Zinged,” you drink every time your character gets zinged.

Also, drink whenever Blanche mentions "Big Daddy," or when Rose says a strange word from St. Olaf.

Or when Sophia says "picture it..." and whenever Dorothy gives advice.

And don't forget the Cheesecake Rule!

Finally: Everyone has to sing the theme song at the end. Please drink responsibly. Thank you for being a friend.