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    Posted on Apr 5, 2017

    15 Petty Things All Couples Low-Key Do

    Oh you wanted me to wait to watch Game Of Thrones? WHOOPS.

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    1. Start small by not answering their texts immediately.

    Nothing says "I forgive you" like the heart-eyed cat.

    2. Take it up a notch by drinking from their go-to mug in the morning.

    3. And if you don't get around to cleaning it... well, you were "in a rush" right?

    4. You know those leftovers they spent all day at work thinking about? BYE.

    5. And nothing says "I don't even remember why I was mad at you" than leaving a musty-ass towel on the bathroom floor.

    6. If you're putting a load of laundry in, their dirty socks can wait.

    7. And if you drop a deuce in your shared bathroom... well, they're supposed to love EVERY PART of you, right?

    8. If you wanna play extra dirty, subtly adjust the thermostat to your liking.

    9. And we all know the the ultimate "screw you" is this:

    10. If you get to expert petty level, you might start tripping over your own shoes:

    11. But be warned, your S.O. knows how to retaliate.

    12. If you really wanna show them you're mad, do household chores the way you KNOW they hate.

    13. RIP this bra.

    14. And the ultimate petty move? Watching ahead in your favorite shows...

    15. ... And then spoiling the ending.

    What petty ish do you do your S/O?