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  • U2 Music Video Ft. Street Artist DALeast

    Cape Town-based, China-born street artist DALeast has made his name internationally by creating animals that feel like they’re in motion and are about to leave the walls they’re painted on – something that actually happens in the music video for U2’s This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now, directed by Bryan Little of Fly in the Wall.

  • Felix: “Billy Elliott With African Jazz”

    Winner of the Audience Award at Durban International Film Festival, Felix is a feelgood family film that’s being described as “Billy Elliott with African jazz.” Oscar-nominee Dame Janet Suzman and South African Film and Television Award (SAFTA) Best Actress winner Linda Sokhulu co-star with newcomer Hlayani Junior Mabasa, who was cast in the title role from over 500 auditions across South Africa.

  • Slavery: A Modern Evil

    Slavery persists in The United States of America and there are more slaves worldwide than ever before, according to a shocking new documentary series premiering on Al Jazeera English on 10 October 2011. “Slavery: A 21st Century Evil” suggests there are up to 50 000 slaves in America – with 17 000 new slaves arriving every year. The series investigates the largest slave labor case in legal history, in which a California company is charged with enslaving more than 900 Thai child laborers on farms across America. The groundbreaking case goes to court next year. The series claims at present 27 million men, women and children are held, sold and trafficked as slaves throughout the world.

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