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    • kevinjo

      Can’t agree with #23. After all, one of the reasons some folks spend so much on high-end systems and record-cleaning systems, and audiophile (180-gram, MFSL, etc.) pressings is to minimize surface noise. Otherwise, we’d probably all still be listening to scratchy old 78’s on hand-cranked Victrolas—and loving it. The only times surface noise is acceptable are when:
      a) the record is already old and scratchy
      b) it’s part of a sample Otherwise, it’s supposed to be about the music. Can’t agree with #27, either. Sure, the free downloads are convenient—but digital downloads are still largely CD-based, which means they will more likely than not be the same brickwalled files you’d end up with if you had just bought the CD and ripped the tracks to your computer in the first place. re: #9. Picture discs are a mixed bag. They *can* be very cool souvenirs. But, more often than not, the sound quality will suffer—i.e., you’ll get a lot more surface noise. re: #32. I also have mixed feelings about 45 adapters (or adaptors, if you prefer). On the one hand, they do have that nostalgia factor going for them. On the other hand, UK singles prove that the larger center hole is totally unnecessary. Wouldn’t it just make more sense to have one standard spindle/hole size, and not worry at all about needing adaptors to play certain records? Finally, the photo paired with #3 makes me cringe. Placing a turntable on top of the receiver/amplifier? No, no, no. Just no.

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