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    DLC Enterprise CEO, Trishie dela Cruz and president, Dom Alferez, award "Best Board Member of The Year Award" to Angelo Etrata and he received a trip to Asian country during a Travel Seminar Event at The Business Center, Manila last March 2017

    Traveling is often at the top of every individual’s bucket list/dream board. There’s just something so instinctively enticing about embarking on an adventure full of rich, new cultures, wonderful sightseeing, meeting new individuals, and just getting away from the common toil of your regular life. Unfortunately, while travel is desired by most, it’s simply too expensive for many and the costs is generally not relative to the hassle. However, thanks to Trishie dela Cruz and her enterprise, Dream Lead Create that all is changing. DLC seeks to provide aspiring entre-preneurs with a unique chance to franchise this revolutionary travel system so that you too can take your passions global.

    Trishie dela Cruz always harbored an entrepreneurial heart. She graduated the Fashion Institute of the Philippines in 2009, and in three short years already kick started her own fashion line, Trishie Couture. It was a notable move in the right direction, as she had no business back-ground, and was never formerly integrated with the fame and lavishness that she now has. In many ways, she is the epitome of the phrase: “from rags to riches,” as she started with literally nothing, and fought against poverty to later going on to becoming the youngest member of the Rotary Club International, a humanitarian organization; founded her own beauty parlor, Shabby Shic Salon and Nail Spa, and later on pursued a background in entrepreneurship with Maryland University and attended HIVE, a global leadership training program at Harvard University. While all of these events are extremely notable achievements, it wasn’t until recently that Trishie dela Cruz would found the DLC Backpackers- a prototype travel agency that uses the "Latest Modern Travel Trend system or simply LMT² travel system. LMT² innovative program that grants Filipinos the greatest gift she has received in life: the ability to travel, was a natural move for Dela Cruz as she is a serial traveler. There is not a doubt in existence that Dela Cruz isn’t passionate about travel, and thanks to LMT², she can now share that passion with her fellow Fili-pinos.

    Currently, LMT² system is currently being offered to Filipinos as a franchise opportunity. In other words, interested entrepreneurs can purchase the resources from DLC Backpackers so they can release their own sub branch or own branch of it. The last conference on March 4, 2017 at The Business Center, Philippines, which had over forty attendents participating in the seminar, was a success and they currently undergoes a training from DLC Backpackers.

    LMT², is more than a franchisee business. Trishie dela Cruz herself knows the power of traveling. She began traveling a few years ago, and her life has been dramatically altered. She now knows the power of visiting foreign locations, not just to sightsee, but to truly engage with the food, the music, the people, and overall culture of the land. In many ways, traveling in Cruz’s eyes is a way of being reborn. Every time you visit a unique location and adopt their culture, your entire being changes, never to be the same again. Therefore, LMT² is not just a business. It is also a dream, a goal, a foundation, a new life. Due to Trishie dela Cruz’s amazing work, many throughout the globe now get to achieve their lifelong dreams which was formerly unaffordable before, and they will do so in a sustainable way that’s beneficial to all. So what are you waiting for? Get packing! "The Latest Modern Travel Trend(LMT²) that is!