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    Posted on Jun 4, 2016

    This Couple Took "The Soulmate Quiz" And It Was Adorable

    “I would be fine being soulmates with a dog.”

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    People often refer to their significant other as their "soulmate" but what does that mean and how do you know? We decided to put one couple's love to the test:

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    Meet Ned and Ariel. They're pretty cute together, but can they stand the pressure of The Soulmate Quiz?

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    Kelsey asked Ned & Ariel to prove it. First question, "are you soulmates?"

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    OK, that one was pretty easy.

    Next, "when did you each know you were soulmates?"

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    Finally, "pick a movie that represents your soulmatey-ness."

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    Adorably exhausting.

    Would YOU be able to pass the quiz?