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10 Bizarre Ways Officials Blew Your Bucks

With all the talk of cuts and austerity you could be forgiven for thinking that public officials only spend money on the barest of essentials. But here are 10 bizarre ways officials have spent taxpayers' cash to keep the good times rollin'.

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10. The Council Bods Who Back Walking Forwards And Backwards

tumblr.com / Via lep.co.uk

Ever feel your job is going no-where? Well, Preston Council spent £500 paying an artist, to walk two steps forwards and one step back on a staircase for six hours a day. Who's bad?!

8. The Manchester Council Reveller Who Bought An Entire Concert

tumblr.com / Via bbc.co.uk

Think that your tax money would be better spent on going to gigs? Well, you're in luck. Manchester City Council spent £425,000 on a concert starring Alicia Keys to "showcase the city's global profile". That does sound grand! Let's hear it for Manchester.

7. The Welsh Government Bigwig Who Bankrolled A Failed Kung Fu Lodge

tumblr.com / Via cbronline.com

Sadly, everyone was not kung fu fighting, even after the Welsh government spent £1.6 million on a failed scheme to turn a derelict hotel into a kung fu lodge. Now that's a little bit frightening!

6. The Eurocrats Who Splashed Out Aid Money On A Waterpark

tumblr.com / Via telegraph.co.uk

The weather getting a bit hot? Don't worry you can relax at a water park you helped pay for. Eurocrats spent around £130,000 of UK money to build a giant waterpark. In Morocco.

5. The Council Bureaucrats Who Funded A 3D Welcome Sign

tumblr.com / Via dailymail.co.uk

Welcome to Bournemouth! The council spent £76,000 on a snazzy, bespoke 3D sign that promotes 'a sense of arrival for visitors'. Oooh!

4. The MPs Who Rented Fig Trees To Provide Shade

tumblr.com / Via standard.co.uk

You know the feeling, you are walking in to Parliament, and you think, 'its a bit too sunny'. Well, don't worry. Parliamentary authorities spent £400,000 to rent trees (yes, RENT TREES!) under an arrangement set up 12 years ago for Portcullis House.

3. The Council Wizard Who Hired A "Motivational Magician"

tumblr.com / Via gloucestercitizen.co.uk

Do you need motivation combined with magic? Of course you do. One of the wizards somewhere in Cotswold District Council made £19,000 disappear on a motivational magician to boost staff morale. Now you see it, now you don't!

2. The Parliamentary Elf Who Spent £75,000 On Christmas Cheer

tumblr.com / Via express.co.uk

If you were feeling a bit mopey about the economic climate at Christmas, have no fear. The Speaker's office decided to spend almost £75,000 on decorating the Palace of Westminster for Christmas over the last 5 years.

1. The Big, Booming Council Officer Who Hired Brian Blessed As A Tour Guide

tumblr.com / Via telegraph.co.uk

Be honest, have you ever wanted to be guided round by the soothing sound of Brian Blessed? Well now you can! Medway council spent £4,000 hiring Brian Blessed to do their audio tour guides. Who knew local councils did any kind of tours, let alone TOURS BY BRIAN BLESSED!!?!

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