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    The Best Upcoming Musicians You Need To Know

    If you have a heart and soul, check out these awesome upcoming musicians. If you don't have a heart and/or soul, you should probably have that checked out immediately.

    Rae Morris

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    Singer from the UK working with Ariel Rechtshaid (aka producer for HAIM and Vampire Weekend). First LP will be released this year. Has the best hair in the world (it can't be tamed, it's full of secrets, it's cray, etc. etc.).


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    Jack Antonoff of FUN starts a new project and the result is Bleachers. If you want to 'Get Better', listen to this band.

    (Womp wahhhh, the sound of a terrible joke).

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    If you are able to listen to such a neat Spice Girls cover and not enjoy it, I will be very impressed and personally buy you five pizzas. Also, one of the most energetic live performers I have ever seen.


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    Toured with Lorde. That rhymed. I was fortunate enough to see him in concert and he is an insanely talented violinist and captivating musician. But also, toured with Lorde.

    Marika Hackman

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    Another singer from the UK. Her music almost sounds enchanting or medieval.... what, how? Nobody knows, so it is best to just listen and try not to think too much about it (which is also how I approach studying).


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    Rad band from Brooklyn, comprised of three sisters and their friend. Recently released their second LP. Badda Bing, Badda Boom. That is not the title of the album, that is just me wrapping up the description.


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    BANKS is pretty well known; she has been gaining a significant amount of notoriety over the past year, but just to be safe.

    Bear Hands

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    The band, not actual bear hands... ba da tissss.

    Two college friends with their two other friends with two full length albums.

    The Night VI

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    Six super cool members that make up a super cool band and it's.... super cool...

    Courtney Barnett

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    A talented and witty singer form Australia, what more could you ask for?