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10 Animated Feminist Icons You Can Be For Halloween This Year

They may be animated (or sometimes not even people) but these ladies show the full spectrum of human emotion. These women are perfectly imperfect and these costume ideas show three quintessential pieces to really get their look. Side note: prices may have changed for items since this was posted.

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1. Leela (Turanga Leela) - Futurama

“Look, I'm scared too, but I'm more scared of disappointing myself.”

Get Leela’s look with this simple white tank top ($5.99), biker leggings ($19.99), and iphone armband ($9.98) which also serves as a handy accessory to not lose your phone after a wild night of spiked apple cider and monster mashing (or trick-or-treating!)

2. Penny Proud - The Proud Family

“There's no law that says I can't play on your team. However there are plenty of laws that say you can not call me babydoll.”

Penny Proud was the REALEST and no one can tell me differently. She owns my heart and you can own her wardrobe with this top ($13.59), cardigan ($14.99), and skirt ($4.99).

3. Jane Lane - Daria

“And the dish ran away with the spoon but Hawaii was the only state which would recognize the marriage as legal”

If you want to be Jane don’t forget an extra dose of sarcasm, this top ($5.90), blazer ($26.99), and set of clip on cartilage piercings (or use the real ones if you got ‘em! - $7.99).

4. Linda Belcher - Bob's Burgers

"Don’t tell me not to have a crap attack. I’ll have a crap attack any time I want.”

Linda’s iconic look can be recreated with this top ($15.99), apron ($7.95), cat-eye glasses ($8.99), and about six glasses of wine.

5. Sandy Cheeks - Spongebob Squarepants

“If you want to be my friend, just be yourself!”

Sandy Cheeks definitely has a unique look. Pull it off with a squirrel tail (yup they exist! - $21.95), a space helmet ($10.74), and pink flower hair clip ($10.00).

6. Debbie Thornberry - The Wild Thornberrys

“What is this 1950?...Patch your own board, make your own lunch, and get a life. And don't call me Sheila”

Along with some serious eyeliner and purple lipstick, wear this top ($8.77), flannel ($17.99), and baggy jeans ($39.99) to get Debbie’s look.

7. Wendy Testaburger - South Park

“See, the problem with having fake pictures of yourself is that you start to believe in your own bullsh*t! This has gone way too far! And if society won't fix it, I will!”

Wendy may be a fourth grader until the end of time, but you can steal her look with some yellow pants ($18.95), purple cardigan ($18.50), and stylish pink beret ($10.99).

8. Katara - Avatar: The Last Airbender

“I know sometimes it hurts more to hope and it hurts more to care, but you have to promise me that you won't stop caring.”

Katara started out as barely being able to control her abilities to becoming a water bending master. If you want to try a little water bending yourself, repurpose this robe as a dress ($17.99), leggings ($10.99), and choker necklace ($6.90). And don't forget the hair loops!

9. Marceline Abadeer - Adventure Time

“Everything repeats over and over again, no one learns anything because no one lives long enough to see the pattern”

To become this bad-ass half-demon half-human vampire all you need is a vampire bite mark, a grey tank top ($5.99), red boots ($9.99), and the longest black hair you’ve ever seen ($17.99).

10. Princess Carolyn - Bojack Horseman

“My life is a mess right now and I compulsively take care of other people when I don't know how to take care of myself.”

Aw fish! Princess Carolyn has become my favorite animated character of all time. Pop on these pink cat ears ($6.59), yellow cardigan ($11.99), and create your own fish dress with some yellow fabric paint ($6.13) and teal dress ($12.99).

Who's your favorite animated lady? This list only contains 10 and there are so many more to choose from!

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