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10 GIF Reactions That Accurately Portray The 'Feels' Of Pete Wentz's Letter To His Sons

OMG PETE WENTZ?! Adorable!

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Pop Punk Papa:

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz has so much more talent than just catchy lyrics and being able to make a beat with a guitar... he can also make us and all the fangirls of the world cry.

Wentz recently penned a heartfelt Father's Day letter for Time Magazine addressed to his two sons, Bronx and Saint, and it is all forms of adorable. He comments on the trials of fatherhood, how parenting changed his life and the ups and down of it all that made it all worth it.

"Bronx: before you were born, I had literally never taken care of anything in my life. Whatever the word for the opposite of responsibility—that's how I would accurately describe my life then. I felt as unprepared for you as the dinosaurs were for the meteor," Wentz says.

Read the full article here and compare your reaction to the Gifs below.

Pretty sure the cuteness overload is too much for any mere human to handle.

Pete Wentz Dad of the Year


Who can resist that face, or the heart behind that letter for his family? PRECIOUS.

Pete, you deserves all the love on Father's Day! :D


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