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    The TV Friend Gangs You Want To Be Yours

    I just want to be a part of their hangouts and mess arounds.

    TV shows seem to have people you want to spend time with.

    Sometimes (a lot of times) a whole weekend's worth.

    It's why the ensemble comedy is a stable of television.

    Whether it's network, cable, or streaming, we will always have new groups of people to go on adventures with.

    However, once you think about it, some of the most popular TV friend groups wouldn't be that much fun to hang out with.

    *cough* Friends *cough*

    But then there are those that rise above the rest.

    For a variety of reasons, you want to exist in these people's world.

    Here are some of the very best TV gangs you actually want hangout with.

    New Girl

    FOX / Via

    New Girl is better than Friends. I don't make the rules. It also gave us the iconic Nick Miller, Winnie the Bish aka Prank Sinatra, and Schmidt, so it wins.

    Happy Endings

    ABC / Via

    These people have jokes a minute and deserved better treatment ABC.

    Harley Quinn

    HBO Max / Via

    Sometimes you just want to be able to pull a job or scheme with your friends, and they make it look like so much fun.


    HBO / Via

    They just have fun together. It's infectious.

    You're the Worst

    FXX / Via

    It's in the title, but don't you want to be with people who make it okay not to be 100% polite all the time?

    The Good Place

    NBC / Via

    Team Cockroach. The Soul Squad. Who wouldn't want to find the answers to the universe with these dirtbags?


    The CW / Via

    The world of Riverdale is very much one I want to be in, but not be one of the main gang in peril every week. I'd be an acquaintance who helps out for a week every once in a while with an in at Veronica's speakeasy, then show up to school like normal.


    HBO / Via

    Starring the real-life skate collective the Skate Kitchen, you feel their friendship through the screen and want to be one of them.


    NBC / Via

    This is mainly because I want to get meta with it. Put me in a claymation holiday special, make me a puppet, I want the works!


    Warner Bros. / Via

    I had dreams about being one of the Scooby Gang, solving mysteries and riding around in the Mystery Machine, and if you haven't, you're lying.

    Who are your favorite TV friend gangs?

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