The Best Hermione Granger Reactions To Use When You're Fed Up With The People Around You

    The queen of not taking anyone's ish.

    We all know Hermione is the brightest witch of her age.

    She's also the bravest when it comes to her everyday life, plus her reactions are everything. Here are a few of the best Hermione Granger reactions that you can use when people annoy you.

    When you know the person who won doesn't deserve it.

    When someone needs to be corrected.

    When you're over people's shenanigans and would rather read than be here.

    When you spot a couple making out in public.

    When you need to make it known that you're a no-nonsense person.



    When getting the point across requires a little action.

    So here's to Hermione Granger, the brightest and baddest witch of her age!