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    Other Sports Movies That Should Be Promotions For Real Games

    The Field of Dreams Game was good I need more of this.

    So the Field of Dreams Game happened and it was amazing!

    The Guardian / Via

    I thought it'd be dumb, but it was spectacular!

    But now that we've seen what a success an event like this could be, I want more across all sports.

    And I've got some options.

    The Sandlot

    20th Century Studios / Via

    I mean, just because it's the obvious choice, doesn't mean it's the wrong choice. And building a sandlot is probably cheaper than building an entire cornfield.

    A League of Their Own

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    This might be the hardest to pull off because there is no women's league, but it's the best sports movie of all time, it should get the recognition of a major event like this.

    White Men Can't Jump

    20th Century Studios / Via

    Obviously what people love about this movie is the trash talk, but I want a basketball game set on a real blacktop. An NBA game playing pickup ball, that would be amazing. And mic up the players and let them talk some trash.

    Love & Basketball

    New Line Cinema / Via

    I know the "Love" part of the title is a big part of the movie, but each of our couple's basketball careers and their journeys are just as essential. And since the WNBA keeps growing every year, this could be a fun way to do an NBA/WNBA cross promotional event.

    Friday Night Lights

    NBC / Via

    I'm cheating a bit and going with the tv show, but it's Friday Night Lights. I was thinking maybe the Carolina Panthers and the Detroit Lions play in this game, but that's not Texas enough. So the Cowboys and the Texans should play in this game at a Texas high school field. They each have one of the Dillon and East Dillon colors so it works out. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!

    What sports movies should be big real life games?