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    New Year's Resolutions That Are Actually Attainable

    Every new year, you make a resolution to change how you live your life, and it's over before January is done. Hopefully thinking about your resolutions this way, it will feel doable.

    Exercise Twice A Week

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    Everyone says exercise more, but that usually only ends up happening once or twice. Build it into your weekly routine, and then it'll become habit.

    Use Less Single-Use Plastic

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    Make sure you have a reusable grocery tote with you, bring your own straws, be a responsible human. Our planet is dying, every little bit helps. But if you do have a single-use plastic, make sure you recycle.

    Eat Healthier For Two Meals A Week

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    Whether that's becoming full on vegetarian/vegan, or just eating more vegetarian/vegan meals and less meat, the quality of taste for those entrees has improved tremendously. Also, eating less meat is good because OUR PLANET IS DYING.

    Read A Book A Month

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    Take your mind on an adventure far enough away from our current reality as you need to. You can't have to look at the internet while you read, so that's a bonus.

    Try And Not Binge-Watch Television

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    Take your time with a show. Digest it. Set up a timetable with friends and family so you can all be on the same page and actually discuss what's happening, like we used to do with TV before streaming came into our lives.

    Power Down The Connection

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    I know the internet is nice. You're on it right now looking at this, and I thank you for it. But, sometimes you need to live without access to every single second that's going on and exist only to yourself. Just for an hour. That sounds wonderful.

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