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    My Favorite TV Of 2019

    This is for the Editorial Fellowship. Everyone has their own tastes, this is just my way to get people to watch what I watch so I can talk about it some more.

    Documentary Now!

    IFC / Via

    John Mulaney doing a riff on the documentary about the making of the cast recording for Stephen Sondheim's Company, complete with original songs? I don't think a more "me" thing has ever existed.


    HBO / Via

    The highlight of the incredible second season was the totally surreal adventure of "ronny/lily". NoHo Hank is one of my favorite characters on tv, that lovable Chechen mafioso.


    BBC/Amazon Prime / Via

    Phoebe Waller-Bridge's comedy returned for a second season, bringing with her the Hot Priest, in a journey about a character with a fourth wall learning to break it down and open herself up completely to someone else.


    HBO / Via

    The first season of Succession was a sleeper hit, but season 2 was explosive for the series. We saw good boy Kendall go rogue once again, watched as Shiv come into her own power in her family. #TeamShiv


    Apple TV+ / Via

    I think a show like this is the only way to capture the full spirit of Emily Dickinson, complete with anachronistic needle drops and opium trips.


    The CW / Via

    Supergirl makes me feel good, and hopeful, and you need that in a superhero. Also, if you like superhero tv, you should watch season 4.

    The Good Place

    NBC / Via

    What more do you want from a comedy than to answer what happens to us after we die, and what it means to be a good person, and the fate of humanity in the hands of a demon, a not-a-girl all-knowing being, an Arizona trashbag, a Florida dirtbag, a name-dropping socialite, and the most indecisive ethics professor?

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    NBC / Via

    We saved it, internet! I need the nine-nine's antics and hijinks in my life.

    The Masked Singer

    FOX / Via

    The fact that this exists, and it's in its second season is a miracle. That I care who wins, I don't even know what to call it.

    The Morning Show

    Apple TV+ / Via

    I don't think it's good, but it's also not bad, and I can't stop watching it, so that has to count for something.

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