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    12 Cult-Favorite Movies That I Have Never Seen And I'll Be Honest, I Probably Never Will

    I know, I know. I don't know anyone else who hasn't seen The Godfather either.

    You know those movies that are culturally important or considered to be among the best ever made? Those that it seems everyone and their mama has seen?

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    Yeah, I haven't seen all of them. Which is honestly surprising, because I consider myself to be a bit of a movie buff.

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    So, I am coming clean with the movies I should have seen by now. Try not to judge too hard.

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    1. Double Indemnity

    A man walking into a room with a woman hiding behind the door.
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    I've seen more lesser known film noirs, so it's a shame I haven't seen what is considered what the best film noir.

    2. Field of Dreams

    A baseball player shaking a man's hand in front of his family.
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    I love baseball and the Field of Dreams game was a blast to play growing up, so it's actually odd I haven't seen it.

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    3. Klute

    A man in a suit and woman in causal clothing walking together in the street.
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    The first movie in Alan J. Pakula's Paranoia trilogy, and it's a '70s film noir that stars Jane Fonda. With key elements like that, which just happen to be a mix of my favorite things, you'd think I'd have seen it by now.

    4. The Godfather Part I and Part II

    A large family gathered at a wedding, getting their photo taken.
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    I mean, they're so long, and my attention span since the pandemic isn't what it used to be.

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    5. Jaws

    A man on a boat with a scared look on his face and smoking a cigarette.
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    This one's easy, I don't like sharks. And yes, I know, the shark isn't in it that much, but the prospect of any screen time for a shark freaks me out.

    6. Jennifer's Body

    A high school girl walking down the hallway.
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    The horror classic of our time, and I'm ashamed to admit it among the movies I've never seen. 

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    7. Jurassic Park

    A man waving a flare gun in front of a t-rex.
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    I once walked past my parents watching this on TV one night when I was little. Of course, it was at a very scary part and my brain went "nope".

    8. Little Shop of Horrors

    A giant venus fly trap sitting in front of a scared man.
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    This one is so bad. I haven't even seen a production of Little Shop of Horrors on the stage. Also, Audrey II freaks me out.

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    9. Pulp Fiction

    A man and woman dancing on an empty dance floor together in front of a crowd.

    I've only seen one Tarantino movie, but I feel this one is more egregious.

    10. The Shining

    A boy riding a tricycle down a long hallway leading to twin girls.
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    I mean, I know all the iconic scenes from everyone who decided to be clever and referenced it. So, that counts, right?

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    11. The Third Man

    A man standing in a tunnel with his arms extended.
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    Another of the greatest film noirs I have not seen. But I promise, I'm still a noir fan!

    12. Vertigo

    A man sitting at a bar with a confused look on his face.
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    I've seen my fair share of Hitchcock films, but somehow keep missing out on seeing this one. Maybe I'm just worried that it'll make me dizzy?

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    What's a popular movie it seems everyone has watched and loves that you're embarrassed to admit you've never seen?

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