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    Family Christmas Survival Guide

    This is for the Editorial Fellowship. Christmas is a time when the family gets together, and every conversation you have you are trying not to turn into a nuclear event about the state of the country. This guide will help you make it through the holiday with minimal damage. Results will vary.

    Movie Time


    If you need an activity the family can do together, why not go to a place where you can't talk for two hours? And, it'll give you something to talk about afterwards.

    Hang Out With The Children

    Some children are annoying, but some can be cool. And you can be sure that you won't be talking about the president with them. Just to be sure to brush up on some of their favorite shows so you can keep up with conversation.

    Cling To The Relatives You Most Like


    Find your clique and stick to them. Strength in numbers.

    If Weather Permits, Go Outside and Play


    You could potentially get some rage out in a snowball fight.

    Or Stay Inside for Game Time


    Find a board game, play a few rounds. I would suggest Clue or Scrabble, because it involves deep thinking, and that means quiet. Or play a game like Monopoly or Life to make it last as long as possible.



    When in doubt, stuff your face. You can't talk with your mouth full, that would just be impolite.

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