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    Critically Acclaimed Shows That Are On My Watchlist And Haven’t Started Yet

    I know, I know, I will get to them. Eventually.

    We all have those shows that are on the list of the greatest of all time.

    But, they may have come before our time and we haven't caught up yet.

    Or they started in the era of #PeakTV, and there were only so many shows your brain could process.

    Here are the shows that I haven't watched yet but will get to. Eventually.

    The Americans

    FX / Via

    I love spy stuff, so I know I'll like this once I commit.

    Better Call Saul

    AMC / Via

    I've heard it's better than Breaking Bad for some, and I keep meaning to get around to it.

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    The CW / Via

    This is a show that is right up my alley. And yet.

    Game of Thrones

    HBO / Via

    At this point it's pride, especially after the reaction to the final season. And to be fair, I did watch the pilot, but I was never the biggest fantasy person, with a couple exceptions. Like, i haven't seen The Lord of The Rings at all, and that's a shorter time commitment than an eight season television drama.


    NBC / Via

    I've heard nothing but excellent things about this show, and it is genuinely on my watchlist. So whenever I can buck up the nerve to watch it, I will. I'm also curious to see how this managed to be on a network, because from what I've heard it goes there with the whole eating people stuff.

    I Love Lucy

    CBS / Via

    I don't how this is possible, but it's true.

    RuPaul's Drag Race

    VH1 / Via

    I think I'm just burned out on reality tv. Thank you, 2000s. That's pretty much it. I watched too much America's Next Top Model in my childhood and I can't do any more competition shows.

    The Sopranos

    HBO / Via

    The proto-"Difficult Man" show. There are so many.


    NBC / Via

    Another show I don't know how it is possible I haven't seen.

    Sex and the City

    HBO / Via

    I'm just scared this one hasn't aged with the times. In a bad way.

    The Walking Dead

    AMC / Via

    Honestly, I'm fine with this one. Zombies were never my thing.

    The Wire

    HBO / Via

    I'll get to this one eventually.

    What are acclaimed shows you've never seen?