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    8 TV Deaths That Wreck Me To This Day

    Honestly I still cry about them. This is for the Editorial Fellowship

    There are no better emotional gut punches on television than a well executed death.

    Sorry for the pun.

    Not a death for shock value or to add an unnecessary twist. Even if it seemingly comes out of nowhere, it was built up and handled appropriately.

    Lookin' at you, later Thrones seasons.

    They may be fictional, but we care about these people.

    And some of their deaths makes us realize how much we really did love them.

    Some shows you may not have seen appear on this list. You've been warned.

    1. Will Gardner, The Good Wife

    CBS / Via

    The shot heard 'round the courtroom. It was all the more shocking in an age when an actor's exit from a show is reported on, this exit was kept secret for a whole year.

    2. Poussey Washington, Orange Is The New Black

    Netflix / Via

    Do I even really need to say anything?

    3. Dr. Charles Percy, Grey's Anatomy

    ABC / Via

    I know you were expecting one of another hundred deaths from that show, but hear me out. One of the many victims from the mass shooting in the season 6 finale, watching Dr. Bailey fight to save him and the moment they both realize he's not gonna survive is heartbreaking.

    4. Lady Sybil Branson, Downton Abbey

    ITV / Via

    She dies in childbirth because her father was to too stubborn to listen to the family doctor's advice. I haven't forgotten, Lord Grantham.

    5. William Hill, This Is Us

    NBC / Via|1024:auto&output-quality=90&crop=1024:auto;center,top

    We knew he was sick and I figured that this trip to Memphis with Randall would be his swan song. Even though I knew what was happening, it still got me. The moment moved me most was when Randall helped calm William at the end and they cut to Jack helping Randall through panic attacks.

    6. Jen Lindley, Dawson's Creek

    The WB / Via

    Came across the series finale on cable one morning and didn't turn it off even though I hadn't seen an episode before. Watching her record her message to her daughter and breaking down in Pacey's arms was a hard way to start they day.

    7. Wes Gibbins, How to Get Away with Murder

    ABC / Via

    I literally screamed "no!" at the tv. His relationship with Annalise was the heart of the show, and her scream when she saw his body was heartbreaking.

    8. Gordon Clark, Halt and Catch Fire

    AMC / Via

    The frustrated computer hardware genius who failed repeatedly, who's brain damage was caused by his life's work, ended up the heart of the show who was connected with every character and frequently who they went to for emotional support. Who needs a guy when you have Gordon Clark?

    What fictional deaths are you still mourning?

    You discuss while I get more tissues.

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