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    15 TV Shows You Probably Missed That Deserve Your Attention

    Word of mouth is keeping these shows in the conversation.

    There are television shows that everyone seems to be watching.

    Your Mare of Easttowns or your Breaking Bads.

    But there are shows that don't get that kind of attention, whether it be because it's on a smaller network or they couldn't find viewers.

    Thanks to streaming and good old-fashioned word of mouth, more people find them.

    Consider this word of mouth, here are some great shows you might have missed the first time around that are well worth your watch.

    1. Banshee (2013–2016)

    2. Bunheads (2012–2013)

    3. Halt and Catch Fire (2014–2017)

    4. Happy Endings (2011–2013)

    5. Party Down (2009–2010)

    6. Pitch (2016)

    7. Selfie (2014)

    8. Single Parents (2018–2020)

    9. The Society (2019)

    10. Stumptown ( 2019–2020)

    11. Sweet/Vicious (2016–2017)

    12. Timeless (2016–2018)

    13. Vida (2018–2020)

    14. Wynonna Earp (2016–2021)

    15. You're the Worst (2014–2019)

    What are the shows that you love that more people should watch?