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10 Halloween Cakes to Inspire your Inner Mary Berry

There's nothing gruesome about these scrummy delights!

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1. Crime Scene Cake

Instagram: @yolanda_gampp / Via

Get ready for a bloodbath at your Halloween Party with this gruesome little number. Inspired by something out of a crime scene this cake will leave your guests wanting more

2. A True Heart Stopper

Instagram: @yolanda_gampp / Via

Make your guests heart stop with this little number, put your heart and soul into baking a masterpiece and reap the rewards of an impressed crowd.

3. Spiders Delight

Instagram: @bunnycakesandcookies / Via

Everything looks pretty in pink! Add a gothic twist like this cake to add a touch of class to you get together this Halloween.

4. A No Brainer!

Instagram: @new_cake__ / Via

Your friends won’t have to use their brains to get the theme of this cake; Halloween is all about Zombies and the undead so why shouldn’t your cake follow a similar theme?

5. A Halloween Classic

Instagram: @somethingsweetcakes / Via

Movie inspiration, Halloween inspiration, how much more encouragement do you need to recreate this masterpiece and treat your friends to a feast for the eyes and the stomach.

6. Ombre Halloween Cake

Instagram: @tododulces / Via

Ombre hair, now ombre cakes. Add a touch of magic and mystery to your Halloween party this year with a colourful surprise.

7. Disney Villain Cupcakes

Instagram: @haleypopp / Via

What could be more evil than a Disney Villain on Halloween, help your friends defeat all evil (and hunger) by emulating these treats.

8. Halloween isn't complete without a pumpkin or two

Instagram: @kakesbykimorra / Via

Grab your pumpkin spice latte and serve a slice of pumpkin heaven for everyone!

9. Deadly Delicious

Instagram: @mmirisalazar / Via

It’s not all black!! Add some jazz and colour to your Halloween with a skull themed treat and spread the smiles.

10. Finally, not a soggy bottom in sight!

Instagram: @elavonza / Via

Ghostly ghouls and spider webs are a killer theme for any Halloween party, let your creative side flow with this yummy treat.

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