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The Struggles Of Being A Filipina With Oily Skin

I don't want na. I'm shy na.

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1. You spend a fortune on THESE!


Oil blotting sheets don't come cheap!! Especially when you use more than 5 of them a day. It doesn't help your self esteem either when they turn completely see-through! :(

2. Good foundation is so hard to find.


Although there are so many articles claiming good foundations for oily skin, they just never seem to be good enough. Just a few hours and you can fry an egg on your face.

3. Heat = Sweat = Oil = Clogged Pores = Pimples


It is always hot in the Philippines. Even when when it's raining, it's still humid! The heat always gets you sweating and oiling up, clogging your pores, and making you break out. Oily na nga, may acne pa.

4. You get jealous of all those face mists.


You want to take care of your skin but those fancy mists won't do anything for you. While they help other people look fresh, they don't take away your oil. They just make you look wet.

5. You can't pull of the dewy makeup look.


Dewy makeup looks are all the rage right now and with the boom of Korean fashion here in the Philippines, they're here to stay! Unfortunately for you, you're naturally oily. Meaning if you try a dewy makeup look, you'll look like you doused yourself in oil after an hour or two.

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