15 Times "Broad City" Perfectly Described Monday Morning Classes

    We all know the struggle of Monday classes.

    1. The moment when you wake up and realize it's Monday.

    2. It just hits you like:

    3. But you toughen up and remind yourself that you got this.

    4. You make your way to class.

    5. And walk in the room like:

    6. When the girl who sits next to you starts a conversation as soon as you sit down.

    7. The teacher starts the class with a pop quiz.

    8. You look at each question like:

    9. I mean, do they even know what day it is?

    10. You low key consider dropping to the floor and army crawling under your desk and out the door.

    11. You realize halfway through class how unprepared you are and know it's all your fault.

    12. And that one kid in class has asked 57 questions.

    13. Just when you're about to lose it...

    14. ...class ends!!!!

    15. You made it! YAAASS QUEEN.

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