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    22 Songs I Found On TikTok That Made Me Happy I Downloaded The App

    Thank you, TikTok, for making "Pacify Her" popular again.

    1. "10 Things I Hate About You" by Leah Kate

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    Leah Kate / Via

    This song is a perfect example of what I like to call a "screaming song." These are the songs I like to sing when I'm mad or emotional and I just want to yell. I discovered a love for these kinds of songs when Olivio Rodrigo came out with her Sour album.

    TikTok: @leahkatemusic

    2. "Cinderella's Dead" by Emeline

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    EMELINE / Via

    I have listened to this song over and over again, and I believe it is officially my anthem now. The song is so good at reminding you that no matter how others have made you feel, or have made you think about yourself, never forget you are amazing.

    TikTok: @emelineisme

    3. "Middle of the Night" by Elley Duhé

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    Elley Duhé / Via

    When I hear this song I always think it sounds magical! This may be because when this song pops up on my TikTok feed, it usually has to do with fairytale and fairy aesthetics, and I am here for all of it. This song, like many of the TikToks the song inspires, is beautiful.

    TikTok: @elleyduhe

    4. "Burn for You" by Barlow & Bear

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    Barlow & Bear / Via

    This song is from The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical which is based on the widely-popular Nexflix show Bridgerton. This song is so beautiful and emotional, and if you really wanna get into it, act it out! Also, if you have someone close to you who will sing the other part of the duet, never let them go.

    TikTok: @abigailbarlowww @emilythebear

    5. "Boyfriend" by Dove Cameron

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    Dove Cameron / Via

    This fantastic song has become a popular queer anthem, which is a very worthy title. Also, this song is definitely a part of my "feeling like a villain" playlist, and honestly, Dove could steal me from my boyfriend anytime... if I had one.

    TikTok: @dovecameron

    6. "I Hate U" by SZA

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    SZA / Via

    I played this song on repeat a lot when I first heard it on TikTok. Not only is the song itself just amazing, but it also helps you express your feelings toward a certain individual, or multiple individuals, who have taken up negative space in your life.

    TikTok: @sza

    7. "Dive Deep" by Zaryah

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    Zaryah / Via

    As someone who loves embracing sex-positivity, this song is a sensual hit. I first ran across this song when I saw the Zaryah promoting it on her TikTok page, and I have been in love with it ever since.

    TikTok: @zaryahwho

    8. "Library Card" by J. Maya

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    J. Maya / Via

    This song is a great song for people, like me, who like to live in their books because it was a great escape from reality and still is most of the time. But you grow up and realize you have to live in the real world and reality is definitely not like you wish it was. But that is okay, because you still have your books to escape to for a nice break.

    TikTok: @j.mayamusic

    9. "Pacify Her" by Melanie Martinez

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    Melanie Martinez / Via

    With this song, I have seen dramatic enactments of the lyrics on multiple TikTok accounts. Usually, it is enacted as it is in the music video, which is a love triangle. These enactments are gorgeous and I have attempted them myself in my bathroom mirror.

    TikTok: @littlebodybigheart

    10. "Ain't Shit" by Doja Cat

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    Doja Cat / Via

    I kept seeing TikToks that involved the rap part of this song that starts with, "that's not cheating...,"and thought it was catchy enough to find the actual song. This song is so much fun to yell into the abyss whether you have an ex to yell about or not, and is going to be definitely added to my list of "screaming songs."

    TikTok: @dojacat

    11. "abcdefu” by GAYLE

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    GAYLE / Via

    This is another song that is a part of my "screaming songs" list, and it is definitely on the top of the list. Actually, most of these songs mentioned in this list may be "screaming songs." But what can I say? These types of songs are just more fun to jam out to at home or in the car.

    TikTok: @gaylecantspell

    12. "Ex-Wives" by SIX

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    SIX the Musical / Via

    I heard the Catherine of Aragon part of this song, and as a history major, I fell immediately in love! I found the rest of the song and then the rest of the play, and I want to see SIX live more than anything in the world. The play, at least from the songs I have heard, does an amazing job of telling the stories of six amazing women who have sadly, like most women in history, been defined by the men in their lives instead of their own accomplishments.

    TikTok: @sixthemusical

    13. "Can't Wait To Be Pretty (Demo)" by Cate

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    Cate / Via

    This is the most recent song I found on TikTok on this list and with the first few lines, I felt this song in my soul. This is a great song for people who never felt like the "pretty one," and wished with everything in them that they were prettier, because then life would be easier. Let me tell you as someone who felt this same way their whole life, you are pretty. This song does a great job of showing that the only person who can define your beauty is you. 

    TikTok: @catecanning

    14. "Do It Like a Girl" by Morgan St. Jean

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    Morgan St. Jean / Via

    Now, I previously knew this artist from her song "Not All Men," which is also amazing, just like this song. The first time I heard this song was on Morgan's TikTok while promoting its release. This song is a great women empowerment song about all the amazing things women do and are expected today, without any credit or gratitude the majority of the time.

    TikTok: @morganstjeanmusic

    15. "Fictional Men" by PEGGY

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    PEGGY / Via

    This song speaks to the hidden part of my soul that only my closest friends know about...the part obsessed with fictional men! I have never dated before and I love watching shows and movies and reading books that feature these attractive fictional men because honestly, these men are way less disappointing than trying to date in reality. 

    TikTok: @peggymusik

    16. "COPYCAT" by Billie Eilish

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    Billie Eilish / Via

    Most of the time on my TikTok, when I come across this song it is playing in a video where talented women are performing impressive choreography to this song. This is honestly no surprise, since this song has great bass and just a wonderful rhythm overall, which makes it a perfect song to come up with wonderful choreography for.

    TikTok: @billieeilish

    17. "River" by Bishop Briggs

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    Bishop Briggs / Via

    I am absolutely obsessed with this song! It is so sensual, and it makes me feel extremely powerful, as I am sure it does with a lot of people. I have also loved some of the dances I have seen on TikTok for this song, and I will even admit that I attempted learning the moves to one of them.

    TikTok: @thatgirlbishop

    18. "Fat Funny Friend" by Maddie Zahm

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    Maddie Zahm / Via

    This song is so beautiful. The artist does a great job of telling a story that many people can relate to, like me for instance. I have been the "fat friend" all my life, and for a long time I was taken advantage of by people who I thought were my friends, but just kept me around because I made them look better or it gave them something to laugh at. This song explains all those feelings into lyrics.

    TikTok: @maddiezahms

    19. "Never Been in Love" by Haley Mae Campbell

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    Haley Mae Campbell / Via

    Now even though I am not super into many love songs, this song is just too cute and catchy not to like. I first saw this song on TikTok when the artist was showing this song to the guy she had written it about for the first time and he had no idea that it was about him. Let's just say the video ended very well for both of them.

    TikTok: @haleymaecampbell

    20. "I Am Woman" by Emmy Meli

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    Emmy Meli / Via

    I will play this song every time I am putting on makeup and getting in that outfit that reminds me how sexy I am, because it reminds me that I am a gift to the world, like everyone else is. This song lets you know that you can be so many things all at once and that no one gets to define you except yourself.

    TikTok: @emmymelimusic

    21. "Numb Little Bug" by Em Beihold

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    Em Beihold / Via

    I fell in love with this song from the first time I heard it. It kind of relates to this in-between place with how certain feelings can feel like sometimes. Like things are not horrible, but they are not great either, because no matter how good things are, your mind convinces you they are not.

    TikTok: @embeihold

    22. And "Venom" by Little Simz

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    Little Simz / Via

    This song is a masterpiece! I fell in love with this song from one line alone, "they will never wanna admit I'm the best here, for the mere fact that I've got ovaries." This song is powerful and honest, and everything that this world needed to remember: women are a force that will never stop pushing forward.

    TikTok: @reallittlesimz

    What's your favorite song your found on TikTok that you *literally* can't stop playing now? Share your songs in the comments!