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How To Remain Sober At A Wedding

You are sober and it's wedding season. Here are 4 ways to stay seated on the wagon with your feet planted and your suitcase neatly stored under the seat in front of you.

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Bring Your Own Non-Alcoholic Beverages


There are so many non-alcoholic drinks out there just waiting to hit your taste buds. Some of my favorites include Ginger Beer, Sparkling Cider, Flavored Seltzer and Sparkling Lemonade. If you always have one of these drinks in hand, you will feel less alienated from the drinking crowd.

Bring Chocolate


Yes, there is bound to be sweets at this wedding, but you can't take any chances. Be sure to bring a bag of M&M's or Chocolate Kisses and keep them in your purse or pocket. The chocolate will curb your craving for alcohol. Don't believe me? Look it up: it's science.

Dance the Entire Time


Wear some comfortable shoes because you are going to be cutting a rug for the majority of the night. If you spend all of your time on the dance floor, twirling around the little flower girl and shuffling with the grandmother of the bride, you won't be at the bar ordering shots for the whole bridal party.

If you don't already have a sponsor, choose a friend to be one for the big night.


It's a good idea to have someone's number on speed dial that you can call in case the temptation to drink becomes too great. Don't be afraid to use a lifeline! Call up a friend, or loved one and talk about what your next steps should be.

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