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    21 Post-Apocalyptic Movies For Fans Of HBO's "The Last Of Us"

    Fans of HBO's latest hit series should seek out these memorable end-of-the-world films...

    Video game adaptations rarely strike a chord on the big or small screen, but The Last of Us has become the latest HBO sensation, bringing forth the popular game's emotional core story with enough differences to keep things unpredictable.

    1. The Road

    A haggard man and a young boy stand on a beach near a cart with all of their belongings

    2. The Day

    A small militia walks down an remote road leading into the woods

    3. The Girl with All the Gifts

    An elderly woman crouches next to a young girl covered in dried blood wearing a transparent mask

    4. Children of Men

    A beaten man and a young woman with her baby walk past a line of soldiers

    5. The Book of Eli

    A man in a dirty coat with sunglasses walks down a long, colorless road

    6. Snowpiercer

    A group of haggard citizens assemble in a confined space

    7. I Am Legend

    A man and his dog stare incredulously in an abandoned city street

    8. The Domestics

    A woman attached to a barbaric trap angrily points a gun at her captors

    9. 28 Days Later

    Three people with handheld weapons await something concerning while in a tunnel

    10. 10 Cloverfield Lane

    A terrified woman stares out of a vestibule with a man behind a steel door peering over her shoulder

    11. Army of the Dead

    A young woman with a gun walks carefully through a hallway of zombies

    12. It Comes at Night

    A makeshift family gathers around for dinner in a dimly lit room illuminated by a lantern

    13. Stake Land

    A young man removes a stake from the chest of a vampire’s corpse near a dirt road

    14. A Quiet Place

    A woman attempts to hush her daughter near radio equipment in a basement

    15. A Boy and His Dog

    A young man in a filthy chair stares in the distance next to his shaggy dog

    16. The Battery

    Two men sit patiently by an empty home on the edge of a forest

    17. Night of the Comet

    Two teenage girls hold machine guns in an empty city street

    18. Carriers

    Three strangers holding various household objects stand near the open trunk of an extermination van

    19. The Signal (2007)

    Four young people with bleach, a gas canister, a gun and surgical masks stand in the middle of a desert road

    20. Z for Zachariah

    A woman with a rifle kneels near a bush with her spotted dog

    21. The Wandering Earth

    A man in an astronaut suit stares up during a wintery storm