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    21 WTF Movies To Prepare You To Enter "The Multiverse Of Madness"

    These surreal and slimy films will get you ready for Doctor Strange's next adventure.

    After the global phenomenon that was Spider-Man: No Way Home, Marvel fans have been waiting patiently for the next film in the MCU, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

    1. From Beyond

    Ted Sorel in "From Beyond"

    2. Sound of My Voice

    Christopher Denham and Brit Marling in "Sound of my Voice"

    3. Coherence

    Emily Foxler in "Coherence"

    4. Inception

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page in "Inception"

    5. Oculus

    Karen Gillan and Brenton Thwaites in "Oculus"

    6. Take Shelter

    Michael Shannon in "Take Shelter"

    7. The One

    Jet Li in "The One"

    8. The Similars

    Poster Art for "The Similars"

    9. Enemy

    Jake Gyllenhaal in "Enemy"

    10. Donnie Darko

    Jake Gyllenhaal in "Donnie Darko"

    11. Mandy

    Nicolas Cage in "Mandy"

    12. The Empty Man

    "The Empty Man"

    13. Daniel Isn’t Real

    Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miles Robbins in "Daniel Isn't Real"

    14. Timecrimes

    Nacho Vigalondo in "Timecrimes"

    15. Annihilation

    Natalie Portman in "Annihilation"

    16. The Cell

    Jennifer Lopez in "The Cell"

    17. Synchronic

    Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan in "Synchronic"

    18. 12 Monkeys

    Bruce Willis in "12 Monkeys"

    19. Trance

    Rosario Dawson and James McAvoy in "Trance"

    20. Altered States

    William Hurt in "Altered States"

    21. Dark City

    Kiefer Sutherland in "Dark City"