23 Exceptionally Eerie Movies Streaming On Peacock

    Kick off your spooky season with streamable scare fare.

    September is halfway over, so you know what that means: Halloween Season is in full effect, and it's time to start assembling your macabre movie checklists for 2022.

    1. The Beyond (1981)

    A blonde blind woman stands ominously before an extravagant wall and mirror in "The Beyond"

    2. Braid (2019)

    A young, pink-haired woman walks through a surreal purple forest in "Braid"

    3. Eye See You (2002)

    A group of ex-cops cautiously check out their remote rehabilitation facility in "Eye See You"

    4. Deathgasm (2015)

    A death metal musician goes on a date with a glowing acquaintance in "Deathgasm"

    5. The Endless (2017)

    Two brothers observe an unbelievable discovery in "The Endless"

    6. Pet (2016)

    A animal shelter worker talks to a kidnapped woman in "Pet"

    7. Pieces (1982)

    A mysterious figure dumps a woman into a literal pool of blood in "Pieces"

    8. The Black Phone (2022)

    A killer known as "The Grabber" showcases his freaky mask in "The Black Phone"

    9. Shocker (1989)

    Horace Pinker's execution by electrocution takes an explosive turn in "Shocker"

    10. Thirst (2009)

    Three vampires share a cramped bedroom in "Thirst"

    11. Starry Eyes

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    Snowfort Pictures / Dark Sky Films / Via youtu.be

    A terrifying story of Hollywood ambition that takes a hellish and self-destructive turn, Starry Eyes was not only a stellar directorial debut for Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer but helped put Midnight Mass and Haunting of Bly Manor star Alex Essoe on the map with her unforgettably ferocious performance.

    Watch Starry Eyes here.

    12. Tales from the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight (1995)

    The Cryptkeeper arrives at the premiere of the debut "Tales from the Crypt" film in its meta opening sequence

    13. Body Bags (1993)

    Filmmaker John Carpenter moonlights as a morose mortician with a flaming thumb in "Body Bags"

    14. The Changeling (1980)

    George C. Scott and Trish Van Devere encounter the dark truths at the root of a haunted mansion in "The Changeling"

    15. Frankenhooker (1990)

    Patty Mullen gets electrified in a patchwork body in "Frankenhooker"

    16. The Funhouse (1981)

    A disturbing clown-like statue adorns the entrance to "The Funhouse"

    17. The Innkeepers (2011)

    Sara Paxton and Pat Healy raise a flashlight at a darkened staircase while ghost hunting in "The Innkeepers"

    18. Separation (2021)

    Rupert Friend experiences a red-soaked nightmare aboard a subway car in "Separation"

    19. The Stepfather (1987)

    Terry O'Quinn begins to unravel after breaking into the bathroom in "The Stepfather"

    20. Bitter Feast (2010)

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    Glass Eye Pix / Via youtu.be

    Starring Joshua Leonard from The Blair Witch Project, this ingenious fright flick follows a disgruntled chef who kidnaps the food critic who ruined his career and forces him to participate in his own deranged cooking challenges.

    Watch Bitter Feast here.

    21. Devil (2010)

    Five strangers begin to turn on one another as tensions rise in their stranded elevator in "Devil"

    22. Open 24 Hours (2018)

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    Seahorse Filmhouse / 4Digital Media / Via youtu.be

    In this taut and entertaining thriller, a woman who nearly murdered her serial killer boyfriend is forced by her parole officer to work a night shift at a 24-hour gas station, over the course of which she has to learn if the odd things she is seeing are real or paranoid hallucinations.

    Watch Open 24 Hours here.

    23. Phantasm (1979)

    A young boy is stalked by The Tall Man in a daunting mausoleum in "Phantasm"