The 23 Most Cringe Wrestlemania Moments Of All Time

    Let's look back at the most uncomfortable moments on WWE's "Grandest Stage of Them All."

    Wrestlemania is often considered to be the biggest annual event in the entirety of professional wrestling, as WWE captures headlines and orchestrates dream matches for loyal viewers and lapsed fans alike.

    1. Brock Lesnar's Shooting Star Botch (Wrestlemania 19)

    Brock Lesnar nearly lands on his head after botching a Shooting Star Press.

    2. Mickey Rourke Drops Out and Knocks Out (Wrestlemania 25)

    Ric Flair and Mickey Rourke salute the crowd at Wrestlemania 25

    3. Molly Holly's Shaved to Save Her Match (Wrestlemania 20)

    Victoria shaves WWE Hall of Famer Molly Holly's head following their match at Wrestlemania 20

    4. The Miller Lite Girls Bring Their Catfight IRL (Wrestlemania 19)

    Triple H and the Miller Lite Girls pose at a Wrestlemania Press Conference

    5. Rain Descends Upon Wrestlemania (Wrestlemania 37)

    Dark clouds hang above Wrestlemania 37 at Raymond James Stadium

    6. The Undertaker vs. Giant Gonzalez (Wrestlemania 9)

    Giant Gonzalez chokes The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 9

    7. Hogan Ruins Wrestlemania at the Superdome (Wrestlemania 30)

    The Rock, Steve Austin, and Hulk Hogan kicking off Wrestlemania 30 at the Super Dome

    8. Big Show Goes Sumo vs. Akebono (Wrestlemania 21)

    Akebono and The Big Show at Wrestlemania 21

    9. Mr. T and Roddy Piper Work Themselves Into a Shoot (Wrestlemania/Wrestlemania 2)

    Roddy Piper and Mr. T at WWE's Wrestlemania at Madison Square Garden in 1985

    10. The D-Generation X Band Slaughters “America the Beautiful” (Wrestlemania 14)

    View this video on YouTube

    WWEMusic / BMI / / Via YouTube

    One of the rare clips from Wrestlemania history that has since been removed from WWE's released videos and library, this incredibly uncomfortable performance at Wrestlemania 14 shows the D-Generation X Band and lead singer Chris Warren presenting a rendition of "America the Beautiful" with a nu wave style. 

    The audience immediately turns on the performers, nearly drowning out the music with a tidal wave of furious boos. WWE must have equally found the display disrespectful, erasing it from all digital releases of Wrestlemania 14, leaving it to online bootleggers to preserve its memory.

    Where to Watch: You can listen to the clip above.

    11. Bart Gunn vs. Butterbean (Wrestlemania 15)

    Butterbean knocks out Bart Gunn at Wrestlemania 15

    12. The Dance of the Funkasaurus (Wrestlemania 28)

    13. The Battle of the Announcers (Wrestlemania 27)

    Michael Cole is introduced to the 70,000 plus fans in attendance at Wrestlemania 27

    14. The Wrestlemania That Almost Wasn't (Wrestlemania 36)

    Hundreds of fans wait in line eager to purchase Wrestlemania 36 tickets a day before they go on sale to the general public at Amalie Arena in November 2019

    15. Mary Tyler Moore Does Not Care About Wrestlemania (Wrestlemania 6)

    Mary Tyler Moore is surprised with an ringside interview at Wrestlemania 6

    16. Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg vs. The Crowd (Wrestlemania 20)

    Goldberg and Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 20

    17. Hogan Ruins Wrestlemania at Caesars Palace (Wrestlemania 9)

    Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 9.

    18. John Cena on Bended Knee (Wrestlemania 33)

    John Cena proposes to Nikki Bella during WrestleMania 33

    19. Roddy Piper vs. Goldust: Art Imitates Life (Wrestlemania 12)

    Roddy Piper leaps onto a golden car in his Hollywood Backlot Brawl at Wrestlemania 12

    20. Santino Marella Is Miss Wrestlemania (Wrestlemania 25)

    Santino Marella, disguised as his sister "Santina," wins the 2009 Miss Wrestlemania Battle Royale

    21. The Undertaker Commits a Murder?! (Wrestlemania 15)

    22. Roddy Piper Goes Too Far vs. Bad News Brown (Wrestlemania 6)

    23. Trump vs. Vince (Wrestlemania 23)

    Donald Trump and Bobby Lashley shave Vince McMahon's head at Wrestlemania 23

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