21 Stellar Sci-Fi Films for Fans of "Andor"

    Fans of Disney+'s latest Star Wars series will appreciate these grounded sci-fi stories...

    Though fans of Star Wars have been somewhat hot and cold with the respective Disney+ spin-off series this year, there's no denying that Andor has impressed both critics and audiences alike with its unique and intimate storytelling within such a grandiose universe.

    1. Alita: Battle Angel

    The advanced cyborg Alita readies herself for battle in “Alita: Battle Angel”

    2. Upgrade

    A man sits in a futuristic room, observing his experimental microchip surgery in “Upgrade”

    3. In the Shadow of the Moon

    A mustachioed detective investigates an inexplicable crime in “In the Shadow of the Moon”

    4. Blade Runner 2049

    'K' (Ryan Gosling) in his flying car from “Blade Runner 2049”

    5. Edge of Tomorrow

    A man in a mech suit gets some tough love from his female mentor in “Edge of Tomorrow”

    6. Snowpiercer

    John Hurt, Jamie Bell and Chris Evans examine an concerning situation unfolding in their train car in “Snowpiercer.”

    7. Twelve Monkeys

    Bruce Willis stands by some strange street art in a post-apocalyptic future in “Twelve Monkeys”

    8. Attack the Block

    John Boyega examines the corpse of an alien invader in “Attack the Block”

    9. The Book of Eli

    Denzel Washington makes his way down a dirty, post-apocalyptic city road in “The Book of Eli”

    10. Children of Men

    A raggedy man and the pregnant woman he has been charged to protect make their way through a war zone.

    11. Serenity (2005)

    The crew of a spaceship assemble in the cockpit during a precarious situation in “Serenity”

    12. Equilibrium

    Taye Diggs interviews Christian Bale in the dystopian sci-fi thriller “Equilibrium”

    13. No Escape (1994)

    Ray Liotta braces for a barbaric battle in "No Escape"

    14. V for Vendetta

    A masked man gives startling information to a female reporter in “V for Vendetta”

    15. District 9

    A social worker approaches an extraterrestrial refugee in “District 9”

    16. Logan

    Two mutants plan a getaway in the remote desert in “Logan”

    17. Ad Astra

    Brad Pitt examines a distant space station in “Ad Astra”

    18. Dark City

    A distressed man in jail attempts to convince his ex-wife that something sinister is happening in “Dark City”

    19. Dune

    A mother and son stare at their destiny from a sand dune in a barren desert planet in “Dune”

    20. Elysium

    A man in a robotic exoskeleton attempts to reload his weapon before an assailant can reach him in “Elysium”

    21. Prospect

    An astronaut thief is caught at gunpoint on an unfamiliar planet in “Prospect”