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    20 Strange Yet True Crime Films For Fans Of “The Watcher”

    Believe it or not, these surreal crime tales are all based on a true story.

    If you're a Netflix subscriber, chances are you've been unable to avoid the streamer's latest true crime series, The Watcher.

    1. Foxcatcher

    An older man in a blue wrestling sweatshirt stands in a foggy field

    2. Star 80

    A disappointed starlet and her desperate ex-boyfriend have an intimate conversation

    3. Pain & Gain

    A trio of bodybuilders contemplate their next move during some criminal activity

    4. Fargo

    A female police officer investigates a dead body lying in the snow

    5. 30 Minutes or Less

    Two masked men meekly attempt an armed robbery

    6. Bernie

    A stout man poses with various gifts for a female friend

    7. Stander

    Three middle-aged fugitives discuss their next criminal move atop a pool table

    8. Memories of Murder

    A man is dragged away by police officers from a crowded crime scene

    9. Bronson

    A bald man in sunglasses is surrounded by shadowed police officers

    10. All Good Things

    A man stares coldly at a blonde woman near her mirror

    11. The Experiment

    A gaunt man stands inside of a makeshift prison cell

    12. Alpha Dog

    A young bearded man in a hoodie gets distressing news at a phone booth

    13. The Snowtown Murders

    Two troubled young men share a moment of intense silence near a car

    14. Compliance

    A concerned woman witnesses a conversation between her supervisor

    15. Stuck (2007)

    A terrified man is illuminated by a car’s headlight

    16. Angst

    A tall, skinny and panicked man stands behind a wall while a young woman walks past a room

    17. The Lost (2006)

    A young man with a pompadour and a tank top arrives at someone's doorstep with ill intent

    18. The Stepfather (1987)

    A teenager, her mother and stepfather are all smiles in front of their idyllic home

    19. Burke & Hare (2010)

    Two mild-mannered grave robbers are surprised by an occupational hazard

    20. The Day Shall Come

    A Black man in ornate clothes walks down an empty street

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