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12 Phone Calls To Look Forward To During Your Child's First Year Of College

For the times when you don't direct them to voicemail...

1. The "Do I Wash It in Hot or Cold Water?" Call

2. The "Can You Please Put Money in My Account?" Call

3. The "At a Party Butt-Dial" Call

4. The "I Might Want to Change My Major" Call

5. The "Should I Go to the Doctor?" Call

6. The "Calling to Make Thanksgiving Travel Arrangements" Call

7. The "I Think I'm in Love" Call

8. The "Never Mind, I'm Not in Love Anymore" Call

9. The "There Might Be Some Truth to the Freshman 15" Call

10. The "Procrastinating Studying" Call

11. The "I'm Homesick" Call

12. The "I'm Really Happy Here" Call

Help your child answer the call to a brighter future with a Kent State University education.

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