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12 High School Superlatives That Definitely Should Exist In 2016

Hey, yearbook committees! Time to get with the times!

Who gets your vote for these superlatives? Tag them and let them know!

1. You know that one person whose camera roll only has pictures of themselves?

2. That one person who makes you wait five minutes before you can start eating.

3. That one person who knows all the major 🔑🔑 of filters, text overlays, and voiceovers.

4. That one person who is probably a level 35 by now.

5. That one person who's always pitching you ideas and doing "market research."

6. That one person who lives for the beat to drop.

7. That one person who is always taking swolfies💪 and letting you know about it.

8. That one person who thinks phone cases are so last season.

9. That one person who can never just take a normal pic.

10. That one person who won't let a couple dollars stand between them and some avocado bliss.

11. That one 🚻 who is the 👑 at making you waste ⌛️ as you try to figure out their 💬.

12. That one person who somehow has access to a tiger to pose with.

All illustrations by Kevin Valente // © BuzzFeed

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