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    • kentc2

      Why PC-Progressives Love Covert Action: Their entire belief system is built on lies. Lying is second nature. They love to lie. Covert action requires lying. They love it.  May 2011: “PC-Progressives like Obama always are loudly vocal in declaring their humaneness, and love for mankind. And they are loudly vocal in chastising evil conservatives for war-mongering and immoral use of covert action. Yet, when the PC-Progressives actually gain power, they become addicted to covert action.”  Obama and his clique love covert operations. They’ve demonstrated that in the Global War on Terror (or “overseas contingency operations building bridges to Islamic extremists”). Instead of actually pursuing the war in Afghanistan with the tools in place—soldiers and Marines—they prefer Predator strikes in the hinterlands of Pakistan. The number of these covert action killings has soared from 2009 to 2011—with estimates of5dead in 2009 under Bush growing to several hundred dead in 2010 under Obama.”
       Because these are covert attacks, Obama and his clique don’t have to acknowledge the facts. They can bluster and bloviate, and deny, appearing all things to all people. Their political base, the PC-Progressives, pretend they don’t notice the carnage. The anti-terrorism side notices and tacitly approves. This having-your-cake-and-eating-it-too technique is pure PC-Progressivism. Their whole political philosophy is built onafoundation of lies.”  Loving humanity while hating individual humans is the fundamental core of PC-Progressivism—which isapure lie. Hating capitalism while reveling in the benefits of the American economy is livingalie. Babbling about “saving the earth” from carbon, all the while globe-trotting inaprivate jet isalie. Standing up for “labor” while destroying entire industries with union goon-squads isalie. Pick any PC-Progressive position, and you’ll see that it is built onalie.”  So, the Obama clique’s love of covert action is not surprising. However, those who care about the truth, the future of our country, and the health of our vital national security organizations should pay careful attention to the mendacious actions carried out in our name in Libya.”

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