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Senior Share Night Presentation

My Learning Journey.

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1. My Learning Vision Statement!

How have I changed?

- Graduate School

- Crisis Management firms (my own)

- Boutiques (urban areas)

- Record Label

- Invest in stocks

- Scholarship fund - the Diamond Prince for men of single parent households

2. Middle 9's: ADV 225, ADV 260 and PRR 410

ADV 225 - taught me the basics of writing in PR, how to write a press release etc. Skills essential for the field.

ADV 260: Introduced me to PR - taught me basic functions of the field and what exactly it is. How it's different from other fields.

PRR 410: My study abroad trip to Mexico! My first major collegiate accomplishment and my first trip by myself. It is here where I learned what it means to be civically engaged as well as the place where I met some of my first college friends.

3. ANR 210

ANR 210 taught me how to really trust other people with what's important to me. It was my first time making my own syllabus (collaboratively) and I didn't really want to trust people with that. It enhanced my ability to listen to others and take feedback well.

4. ANR 310

I really didn't like ANR 310 because I felt like we (as a class) didn't do a good job of helping each other whether it was setting an example or answering simple questions. Just an observation. I did enjoy some of the activities we did such as our field day at the end of the semester.

5. ANR 410

I will say that I have enjoyed 410, better than 310. I love how we are able to come together with a myriad of different mindsets and decide on what's best for the class in a short amount of time. I think Erika and Karla do a great job of leading us (when necessary) and taking a step back (when necessary). My favorite activity has been Jihad's presentation on stocks since it is something I'm very interested in.

6. Students Today, Leaders Forever!

Students Today, Leaders Forever!

- volunteered for a week in 5 cities

- rejuvenated me for the rest of senior year

- inspired me to try out different aspects when it comes to my career

7. Homecoming Court!

Facebook: video.php

-representing the university

- always been a dream of mine

- hopefully inspiring other black males to not be confined to a box

9. Internships!

Quicken Loans, Detroit Free Press, Michigan Veteran Affairs Agency...they've all taught me how to deal with different people, they've enhanced my writing skills and taught me how to have fun while at work.

10. Olivia Pope!

The person who first introduced me to crisis management. I admire her tenacity and work ethic when it comes to her clients. She (although fictional) inspires me to push through all barriers and get the job done - whether it be my career, marriage or doing well in a class.

11. 11. Superman!

I've always admired how Superman goes above and beyond to look out for everyone else around him in the most selfless of ways. I hope to be that way throughout my life despite the struggles of it.

12. 12. My sister!

View this video on YouTube

*stop at 1:20*

I look up to Beyonce because she proves that you can do it all - career, marriage, entrepreneurship and still remain humble. I want to achieve my own personal and professional goals, but I find comfort in knowing that there is someone out there who works relentlessly to achieve theirs and finds a sense of humility in doing so.

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