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15 Reasons Why My ANR 310 Class Was Flawless.


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1. It taught me about resolving conflicts with group members.

2. When We got to Express our Creative Juices

3. It taught me how to work WITH groups!

4. And to have fun with these groups!

5. I learned how to get in touch with my inner "Kenny"

6. I learned how to maximize what I have (even when it isn't much)

7. I learned to appreciate other people's work as it relates to passions that are unrelated to mine!

8. I learned when to listen....

9. And when to Speak!

10. I learned to take Pride in my Ideas.

11. Having an Attendance Policy is something that I will take to 410. It worked.

12. Allowing One Person to Take Control over Class discussions is something that will be avoided in 410.

13. E-Portfolios are cool but...

14. Geneogoly was my favorite activity this semester!

15. What I'd do differently? Nothing.

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