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Dudes Tried The Kylie Jenner Lip Kit And It Was Definitely An Experience

"I have a pretty bad case of butthole lips right now."

By now you've probably heard a little bit about Kylie Jenner's lip kit. Seriously, people are going nuts over this ish. So, we asked a couple guys to try it out and see what all the hype was about:

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First up, Kylie's "22."

Edgar could kinddaaaaa see the appeal.

Matt and Nick nailed a perfect pout.

And Zach and Edgar seemed to be feelin' themselves, too.

Next, the boys took on "Koko K."

Edgar had some theories on why the lip kit had such a strong smell.

But Nick was ready to work his angles.

Though it wasn't as noticeable as the other lip color, Nick and Matt still worked it.

And Edgar and Zach once again slayed the selfie.

Next on the list was "Candy K."

Zach found himself suffering from a classic case of butthole lips. :/

But the guys were still tryna make it werk.

Those poses, tho.

Finally, "Mary Jo K" was the final look for the boys.

Zach learned that it was less about what your lips actually look like, and more about channeling your ~dream lips.~

And Edgar felt this was the only one that semi-worked with his skin tone.

Final looks had the guys looking a little like The Joker...

...But like, a totally hot Joker with great lips for sure.

Final thoughts? The boys probably weren't gonna run out and buy it anytime soon... but hey, at least they got some cute selfies!