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  • Pist-OFF Notes

    How many times has this situation happened to you? You’re driving to the store and you’ve finally see a spot in the very busy parking lot. Quick right there, two open parking spots! Then some jerk pulls in right before you blocking both spots with his new red sports car! So because this inconsiderate megalomaniac wants to block two parking spots you now have to drive around for another ten minutes to find another spot to park. But what about that guy? Is nothing going to happen to him? Whatta D-Bag! That’s not fair! Or what about that guy on your street that parks three feet away from the curb on your very narrow street, every single time! Making it virtually impossible to squeeze by when you have to drive threw to work every morning. But it doesn’t end with just vehicles, people are jerks in everyday life all the time. How about the guy at the office who always pees on the toilet seat! We know it’s you, you animal! Well you don’t have to take it anymore! Now you can anonymously let those jerks know exactly how you (and probably everyone else on the planet) feels about them, without any physical damage to there or anyone elses property. Introducing Pist-OFF Notes. Pist-OFF Notes are pre-written sticky notes you can keep in your car, at your desk, and even at home that you can easily pull out and stick to that inconsiderate persons car window, computer screen, or even on that toilet seat.

  • The Littlest Boogie Manz

    The Littlest Boogie Mans follows the story of a good natured blob of squishy nasal mucus named Boogie. He’s new to the town of Feces Junction and has the overwhelmingly fun task of starting his life over from scratch in a weird town. It’s not always going to be good times, but hey, when your the new booger on the block that’s pretty much a given. Watch as Boogie tries to make new friends, has to deal with some not so nice characters and even falls in love with the hottest girl in school.

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