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30 Ways You Know Facebook Is Taking Over Your Life

If you identify with at least 15 of these you should probably start that dramatic "Giving up Facebook for a while" status.

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2. When leaving Facebook you accidentally type "" in the URL.

3. You start reading those rant posts out of boredom.

+1 more if you start commenting on them.

4. You scroll through your feed so long you run into yesterday.

9. You can find a total stranger's Facebook using minor known details about them.

+2 additional due to extra creepiness.

12. You feel that likes from certain people are of higher quality.

15. You check your Facebook on someone else's phone when yours is dead.

16. You don't remember your password because you're always logged in.

18. You close your laptop and automatically open the Facebook app on your phone.

21. You've started drama on Facebook.

+2 additional for lameness

23. You've gotten in a fight with a significant other over their relationship status.

26. You heart jumps even more when you see a friend request.

+1 additional if you always think it's going to be someone amazing.

28. You use Facebook to remind you when your close friends' birthdays are.

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