Bea Arthur "Showgirls" Poster

Some people in Fire Island decided to put on a tribute for the late Bea Arthur in their Showtunes Sunday, and used the poster from the infamous movie Showgirls for promotional inspiration. This is important people!

Ken L. • 8 years ago

Bald Presidents On Money

What if the presidents on our bills go [completely] bald? Here's a look without their crowning glories. Abe Lincoln looks pretty bad ass.

Ken L. • 9 years ago

100 "Single Ladies" Dance in Picadilly Circus

In the spirit of the 'Sound of Music' Train Station Prank, here's a video of 100 ladies recreating Beyonce's famous leggy dance.

Ken L. • 9 years ago

Look at This F*cking Hipster

Hipsters are inherently fascinating people. It's even more fascinating to surreptitiously take pictures and make fun of them on the web, which is what this website just aims to do.

Ken L. • 9 years ago

Aretha's Hat Makes a Comeback

It's the Queen of Soul's birthday today y'all! In honor of the celebration, Aretha's famous inauguration hat makes a reappearance in form of a birthday cake, 2 months after appearing everywhere and causing a web sensation. I hope it's as good as it looks.

Ken L. • 9 years ago