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We Got An Instagram Fitness Model To Teach Us How To Pose

You can share your self-love and inspire others to do better and be better just by being yourself.

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Watch these women take on the challenge!

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Meanwhile, Kelsey was hesitant about showing her body a ton on Instagram, but was down for this little experiment.


"When you put your body and yourself on social media, people comment on it."

Earlier this year, Anna Victoria shared this split-screen photo of herself standing vs. sitting in a relaxed pose.

Anna Victoria

She said she was feeling a lot of pressure to be perfect so it was important for her to let her followers know that you don't need to conform, or look perfect all the time.


Both their fur babies were included in these photos and, tbh, kind of stole the spotlight in this challenge.


So they were totally upstaged by their adorable pets. Look at those photos! #worthit


Kelsey said she got really good vibes after posting the photos and opening up the conversation about physical health. Meanwhile, Selorm realized that it's so much easier to identify parts of your body that you hate rather than love.


But they both found that sharing their fitness journey with others was a great way to connect with people and let them know that there's no one way to look good or healthy.


And Selorm really wanted to keep this shot as authentic as possible.

Selorm Kploanyi / Via Instagram: @selorm.k

"With Instagram, you always wanna put your best face forward, but sometimes the best face is just the face that you have."

When all was said and done, the ladies realized that sharing their fitness journey really made them feel empowered and connected to their followers.


They learned you inspire others to do better and be better by just being yourself. Amen to that!