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This Is Why Tiny Cooking Isn't A Good Idea

"This is some version of hell."

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Watch these guys give it a shot!

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For Andrew, it's mini meatball-making time! Just look at those tiny meatballs!


"I usually am not very good at making my meatballs evenly sized, but when they're this small, it's like a difference of being the same size, or three times the size.

Now they're really cookin'! Alix has her mashed potatoes bubbling, while Rie gets super fancy, by managing to add onions and carrots to her tiny portion of chicken cooking on the stove.


Alix did her best to season her meat with salt and pepper,'s not as easy as you think, and over-seasoning is a real struggle.

The meatballs and steak were done in no time, which is the true real benefit to tiny cooking.


Pro tip: If you struggle while taking the food out of the pan with your tiny utensils, you're toast. And so is your food. Just ask Alix.