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    13 Gifts From Amazon Canada That Are So Great, You'll Wanna Order An Extra One For Yourself

    From travel pillows to cat DNA tests.

    1. A waterproof phone holder so they can listen to or watch their favourite podcast, YouTuber, or live stream while they're in the shower. It's made with a touchable screen, so they can still respond to texts messages or emails while the case is wet.

    A picture of a person tapping their phone through the holder

    2. A travel pillow that they'll be thankful for when their next trip rolls around. Thanks to the twistable design, they'll be comfortable no matter what position their body ends up in during their flight.

    A picture of a person wearing the travel pillow around their neck

    3. A quirky unicorn floatie tea infuser that'll make their boring cup of tea a little more fun.

    The unicorn shaped tea infuser floating in a cup of tea

    4. A Basepaws cat DNA test for that person who is convinced that their cat is actually their child. It will give them insights into their cats breed, their overall health, their needs, and even certain personality traits.

    A picture of a cat DNA test and various results

    5. A plush bath robe that'll make them feel like they're wearing their coziest blanket. It's made of a fluffy sherpa material and has a hood and pockets to keep them super cozy.

    A picture of a woman wearing plush robe, holding a cup of tea

    6. A Theragun Mini that isn't just for fitness fanatics or those with a physically demanding job — it's also great for someone stuck at their desk all day.

    A picture of a man using a Theragun min on his forearm

    7. A copy of 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think that'll give them 101 different opportunities to shift their mindset.

    The book on a bed

    8. A makeup carousel if they're known for letting their makeup collection take control of their space. It's large enough to hold every product imaginable and pretty enough to keep on display.

    9. An LED grow light that'll save their plants from the loss of sunlight during the colder months and help to accelerate the growth stages of all their favourite greenery.

    The grow light over several succulents

    10. A luxury shaving kit that comes fully equipped with just about everything necessary for a close shave, including razor blade, pre-shave oil, a shaving brush, and even after shave.

    The kit displayed on a wooden table

    11. A surprise candle that'll make the end of the candle the best part. When fully melted, it'll reveal a sterling silver ring as well as a code that can be redeemed for a potential bonus piece of jewellery.

    A picture of a candle and two sterling silver rings in front of it

    12. A set of packing cubes for the person on your list who has the travel bug. It comes three cubes that'll make packing and unpacking for their next trip a complete breeze.

    The packing cubes in a suitcase

    13. And finally, a copy of The Hot Seat, a game that'll everyone's deepest confessions on display. It'll be the perfect ice breaker at any party, and your host friend will be so grateful you'll probably be spared from the hot seat yourself.

    A picture of people playing the game at a table

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