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    13 Tech Accessories From Amazon Canada That'll Make Great Lil' Gifts

    Small tech gadgets with BIG abilities.

    1. An smartphone timer box that'll lock up their gadget for up to 99 hours (don't worry, they can choose just how long they want their digital detox to be). There are strategically placed slots that'll let them take emergency calls or charge their device, but when it comes to scrolling through social media for hours on end ~forget about it~.

    2. A mini face tracking tripod for the aspiring or already seasoned content creator. It'll automatically track their face and movements, so they can record videos from any angle with ease.

    The tripod on a tray in front of a curtain

    3. A 3-in-1 charging station for that person who never has juiced-up devices. It's foldable, making it easy to tuck away when they aren't using it.

    4. If Alexa is their favourite word, an Amazon smart plug is destined to become their favourite gift. Plug it into any outlet around the house to turn any appliance or device into a voice-controlled minion.

    A coffee maker plugged into the outlet

    5. A pair of fine-point Apple Pencil tips that have more precise pencil points than a standard Apple Pencil. Now they can take their digital designs from predictable to Picasso.

    A picture of three fine tip apple pencil replacement nibs on an iPad

    6. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker that'll give them the back up vocals their shower concert has been missing. It can last up to eight hours after being fully charged, and it has a metal hook and suction cup, so they can stick it just about anywhere.

    7. An AirPods cleaning kit so they'll never have to open their earbud case in secret ever again. It has a sponge to get rid of dust, a densely bristled brush to scrub away dirt, and a metal tip to pick out all the yucky bits that get wedged in every nook and cranny.

    8. For the person who is always asking "is there Wi-Fi?", gift them a mobile hotspot device. This one doesn't even require a sim card to be functional and will let them share their connection with up to ten devices at once.

    A picture of a rectangular mobile wifi hotspot device

    9. A pair of Apple Watch protectors that'll keep their screen free of scratches and scuffs. Reviewers rave about their perfect fit and say they stay firmly in place during the most rigorous workouts.

    A person wearing an Apple Watch with the cover on it

    10. A magnetic phone holder for their laptop so they can view both screens side by side. It can also be used as a hook for headphones or other gadgets.

    11. A flash drive if they're always complaining of having no space for pictures or videos. It's compatible with most smartphones and computers, plus it's password protected, so they'll know everything is safe.

    A person holding a phone with the flash drive in it

    12. A Go Donut if they wanna go completely hands-free, no matter how big or small their beloved screen is. It's small enough for them to carry it with them everywhere, so they can tuck it in their carry-on for their next trip.

    13. A SwitchBot smart switch so they'll never have to worry about having to get out of bed to turn off the lights. It easily attaches to any light or appliance switch, and can even be paired with Alexa and Google Home — sloth mode activated.

    The switch on a coffee maker

    And there you have it..

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