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    If You Haven't Watched 'Get Out', Literally, Get Out

    Jordan Peele's 'Get Out' is the best film of 2017 and if you haven't seen it I am warning you now, there will be spoilers below. So go see 'Get Out', and then come back to this post to read about all the reasons why you made the right choice.

    First of all...

    Lets just take a second to recognize that this left turn of a social-thriller masterpiece came from Jordan Peele, a guy whose character in the film 'Keanu' is obsessed with making kitten calendars.

    Second of all...

    Lets also take a second to recognize that Peele's skits for 'Key & Peele' sometimes characterize him as a bit clueless...

    But 'Get Out' wasn't a clueless, slasher, horror film that the trailer's might have tried to sell it as. The film's protagonist, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), goes with his girlfriend on a weekend trip to meet her parents (who live in the middle of the forest, totally normal) and finds himself being held hostage so that THE FAMILY CAN FORCE HIM INTO A BRAIN TRANSPLANT AND MAKE HIM INTO A MIND SLAVE OF A WEALTHY WHITE GUY.

    Sorry, this movie gives me a lot of emotions.

    Anyways, the plot is a modern take on the continuation of socially institutionalized racism, and it includes several powerful scenes that drive this message home, including one where the family holds a bid for who will "purchase" Chris's mind, as well as a scene where Chris asks the daunting question, "why black people?" to which the man buying him claims, "It's not a race thing," (but it definitely is a race thing).

    Not only does this film have a lot to say about societal racism, but it is also just down right entertaining. I literally jumped up and yelled "get out!" in the theater so many times that security got called (not really, but someone should have called security because I was probably being crazy obnoxious).

    The film has also inspired a few new memes for 2017, which I think says a lot.