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    Our Favorite Moments From The Bachelor: S26 E1

    Our favorite trainwreck of a reality television show is back!

    1. When we all thought The Host was actually just The Bachelor speaking in third person for a minute.

    2. When Salley rejected Clayton's rose before the show even began.

    3. When Serene looked eerily similar to Michelle, Clayton's ex, AND has the same job, yet no one batted an eyelash.

    4. When Ency recited a beautiful monologue in Korean and all Clayton had to say was "wow, she's pretty"

    5. When we legitimately could not tell who was The Bachelor and who was The Host.

    6. When 33-year-old Jane referred to herself as a "cougar"

    7. When Holly pranked the hell out of Clayton and made us more excited than ever for The Senior Bachelor.

    8. When Shanae solidified her role as the Sleeper Villain.

    9. When... this?... happened:

    10. When Hunter wore a live snake at cocktail hour and nobody acknowledged it.

    11. When Claire spiraled and told the entire group that she hates Clayton, then promptly lied to his face about it.

    12. And finally, when Cassidy made a champagne toast to friendship.

    Buckle up, cause it's gonna be one bumpy ride of a season!