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    All The Looks From The Real Housewives Of Project Runway

    Who is in and who is out?

    This week, the Project Runway designers were tasked with creating a show-stopping Reunion Look for our favorite Real Housewives. Let's see how they did:

    Karen (Real Housewives of Potomac) wanted a reunion look that shows off her hourglass figure.

    Chasity designed her a floor-sweeping black gown with a strappy neckline.

    The judges didn't love it.

    Shannon (Real Housewives of OC) wanted a traditional reunion look that covers her arms.

    Bones designed her a sparkling, long-sleeved little black dress with feathered details.

    The judges loved it!

    Wendy (Real Housewives of Potomac) wanted a glamorous, over-the-top design.

    Kristina designed her a curve-hugging, scarlet pantsuit.

    The judges didn't love it.

    Leah (Real Housewives of NYC) wanted to be a sexy Disney princess for her reunion look.

    Coral doesn't do Disney princess.

    She designed her a beige, lacy, floor-length gown.

    The judges loved it!

    Gizelle (Real Housewives Of Potomac) wanted a jumpsuit for her reunion look.

    Aaron designed her a one-shouldered, hot pink jumpsuit with a billowing sash.

    The judges loved it!

    Gina (Real Housewives of OC) wanted a reunion look with asymmetrical, clean lines.

    Anna designed her a gown with dramatic, structured shoulders.

    The judges didn't love it.

    Luann (Real Housewives of NYC) has a cabaret tour.

    Shantall designed her a regal navy blue dress with a high slit.

    The judges loved it!

    The Real Housewives didn't disappoint, serving up looks AND drama! Watch Project Runway on Bravo to see who was IN- and who was OUT.