"Dafne And The Rest" Is The BEST Show Talking About Real Problems In Your 30s Right Now

    Sorry, but sleeping with a friend's ex is a big no-no!

    1. It perfectly captures a tough break-up and all the emotions that come with it.

    Dafne and Manuel struggle to make sense of their new friendship after the break-up.

    2. It explores the nuances of online dating for transgender folks — shocker, online dating sucks for everyone.

    Dafne's date dumps her the day after.

    3. It sheds light on the societal norm of women faking orgasms and why this NEEDS TO STOP!

    Martina tells Cesar that she doesn't orgasm during sex.

    4. It explores the modern phenomenon of being "sober-curious."

    Amaya tries to tell Dafne she's worried about her drinking.

    5. It examines how friendships evolve as we grow older and into newer versions of ourselves.

    Dafne and Cesar laugh together.

    6. It reminds us that happiness comes from following your passions, even if you think it's too late.

    Eva wants to be a clown when she grows up.

    7. It brings up an important question of what society considers to be "real sex."

    Raquel speaks with Martina on the couch.

    8. It hits home on "the talking stage," that awkward period of time when you can't tell if someone likes you or not.

    Inaki and Dafne walk down the street holding hands.

    9. It explores how sexual politics can differ based on gender and sexual orientation.

    Dafne asks if Yerai hooked up with her ex.

    10. And there are beautiful people speaking beautiful Spanish in beautiful Spain.

    Dafne's friends take a selfie at a birthday party.

    Stream Daphne and the Rest (Todo Lo Otro) on HBO Max today.