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    20 Hilarious Party Themes You Have Never Thought Of

    So you are really sick of all those 60s,80s, Mexican or Luau themed birthday parties? Here's a few suggestions how to make your bash unforgettable!

    1. Terminator Salvation Party


    So yeah, you still think Terminator is super awesome and gonna kick everyone's assess.

    2. Greek Gladiators Party


    Make all the hot guys come dressed up as Kit Harington

    3. Mars Colonization party


    Mars One promises tour travels to the red planet by 2023, so start thinking of how you are going to party there now.

    4. Apocalypse Party


    ....or we won't make it through another 2012, so party hard while still alive

    5. Jetlag Party


    Awesome theme to start drinking before it's even noon

    6. Eye Gazing Party


    All you need is an even amount of guys and gals. Break everyone in pairs and let them stare at each other for 2 mins. No talking, no gestures, just pure eye contact. Loads of drinks afterwards and wow, it seems like we have 10 new couples.

    7. Shower Party


    ....that's definitely more space than in your dorm room. And it's a perfect place for wet T-shirts contest ;)

    8. Hobbo Party


    So you live in a tiny app or with parents? Through your birthday bash under the bridge or in an abandoned building. But, expect some uninvited guests who'll come for fire and free booze.

    9. WTF Party


    Just make everyone dress up the craziest way possible. Decorate the place with random weird stuff. Make strange foods and drinks and let everyone shout "WTF#&" all party long.

    10. Maze Box Party


    You'll need a lot of bid boxes. Maybe you can lend some from your new friends made at the Hobo party?

    Make several dead ends to confuse your drunken guests even more. Each end should lead to a different room in the house, with the WIN pass goes straight to the bar.

    11. Walk of Shame


    In case you don't want to be alone in your Walk of Shame the day after, just make everyone else come dressed up trashed. Or you can choose this theme for the 2nd day of your bash. Everyone survived would have just the perfect look anyway.

    12. Jello Wrestling party


    Can anything be more fun than sticky jello all over the place?

    13. Mud Party


    .....and a less expensive, but even more fun version of the Jello Party. All you need is a big backyard and a working hose.

    14. Zombie Party


    Classy, but still so hilarious. Who wants fresh brains?

    15. Papua Party


    Now those guys really know how to hand out too. Grab your spears and grass skirts and go get wild!

    16. Safe Sex Party


    Because safe sex is important!

    Use condoms instead of balloons and decorations, hit the dance floor under Ne Yo's "Wild Thing", Timberlake's "Sexy Back" and Nelly Furtado's "Promiscuous"

    17. Elevator Party


    Party check list:

    a) no power problems

    b) the building has more than 10 stores

    c) no fat guest

    d) no lousy drinkers who puke

    18. MythBusters Party


    It's always a surprise party. You never know which experiment can go wrong. Don't get your birthday cake busted!

    19. Hitchcock Party


    Your guests definitely won't fall asleep on this party. Or even a few weeks after it. Just make it the darkest way you can and don't forget to get as many black birds as possible.

    20. It Used To Be Cool Party


    Fashion and trends change merely everyday and your closet is full of crap clothes like Ugg Boots, Juicy track suits and ripped jeans? Just make all your guests come in out of style rags with pride. Besides, you can make a bonfire from all of them in the end of the party.