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Funny/Stupid/Offensive Tweets About Feminism

Feminism has been a huge topic recently and people openly tweet their thoughts on social media and are not afraid.

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Some don't bother to get educated about feminism, so they just make accusations and think there's no reason for it. This one is funny because it's from a guy and a lot of them tend to be guys because they automatically assume feminism is just a girl thing.

Free Money!

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Some women love the thought of equality but don't really care to be obsessed with the thought of feminism. This woman just embraced one of reasons why women thought we had to work, women can't "depend" on a man.

Hairy is the new trend

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Some people really hate how feminists think they have to stop shaving to make a point. They make fun of the new trend of not shaving a lot because what does that really prove to guys?


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A lot of people that aren't so active with feminism wonder why the consistent feminists seem to hate men, some big feminist hate when people say that but it sure seems that way sometimes.


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There are a lot of tweets out on social media just stereotyping what kind of person a feminist is. Some that don't take the time to learn and understand, will just bash the topic and act like it's no big deal.


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We don't need feminism because we don't prefer to be called females? I prefer to be called a female and feminism is about equal rights between males and females. Male and Female are natural names, it's not going to change.

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